Frequently Asked Questions

Please visit this page for Information on where our products can be found in Canada.

YES! All of our pasta sauces are gluten free.

Authentica World Cuisine offers vegan, vegetarian and non-vegetarian options: Arrabiata and Siciliana are vegan, Pomodoro & Ricotta is vegetarian, Puttanesca non-vegetarian (contains Anchovies).

Fatto in Italia means- Made in Italy. All our products are produced in Northern Italy, using 100% of the tomatoes from the growing area of Northern Italy. We produce our sauces in small batches to ensure the high quality that Authentica stands for.

We pride ourselves on using wholesome and natural ingredients. Just like homemade pasta sauce, we recommend that it be consumed or the unused portion frozen within 3-4 days after opening.

Our sauces are produced in nut-free facilities, but may contain other potential allergens.  Please visit our product pages to see specifics for each product.

Periodically, we promote our products through the use of coupons. Please check our coupon section on our website to see if any special offers are available.