The Ultimate Guide To Low Carb Guilt-Free Pizza

Pizza is the ultimate comfort food.

No, seriously, a Harris poll of more than 2200 people found 15% would choose pizza as their go-to food in stressful times. That’s more than double any other food choice.

The good news is that enjoying a slice or two (or three) of piping hot (or cold, if that’s your thing), cheesy deliciousness in the form of a savoury pie doesn’t have to send you into a “diet starts tomorrow” tailspin.

Here are some quick and easy tips to make your next homemade pizza healthier without compromising on taste.

Choose Crust That’s A Cut Above

Cauliflower is all the rage (even though it’s been around since the middle ages), taking over roles previously held by flour and rice in a long list of recipes. Use it as the base for your homemade pizza crust to cut the processed carbs and up your veggie intake.

Zucchini, in all its green glory, is another easy to use, nutritious crust alternative.

And if eating out or ordering in, request whole-wheat crust instead of regular to increase your fiber content and feel full faster and longer.

Slather On Sauce Made With the Italian Sun

Few would argue that the Italians don’t do pizza best, whether it’s a Chicago-style deep dish or wood-fired with traditional margherita toppings.

So why not include authentic “made in Italy” sauce on your homemade crust?

Choose any one of Authentica’s flavour-packed, all-natural ingredient sauces for a convenient and high-quality base on your healthy pizza creation.

Take Your Toppings To the Next Level

We’re not slamming salami, but if you want to make your pizza just that much better for you, we suggest piling it high with proteins such as leftover chicken breast, prawns or shrimp, or even eggs.

For added nutrients, go green with asparagus, broccoli, or spinach toppings.

Get a big flavour finish with fewer calories by combining naturally lower-fat Parmesan with your ooey gooey part-skim mozzarella. Fresh mozzarella makes for a softer, moist, lower sodium option.



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