Celebrate World Pasta Day with Our Top Pasta Recipes!

In case you weren’t aware, October 25th is the official World Pasta Day! What a perfect day to appreciate all that Italian culture has brought us, from the works of Da Vinci and Michelangelo to the world’s best pasta and amazing old world wines. In terms of cuisine, the image of an Italian mama toiling away endlessly over a stove top in preparation for a classic Italian meal is certainly one that comes to mind. In honour of World Pasta Day, Authentica has recipes for that give you all of the depth and taste of Italian cuisine, but with a fraction of the effort! So, embrace your carbs and let’s celebrate with these outstanding Italian pasta recipes!

Peasant Pasta, Royal Taste

Known as a ‘peasant pasta’ on account of its simple nature, Pasta e Fagioli is the perfect dish for the fall. It combines Authentica’s Puttanesca Sauce with kale, garlic, onion, and white kidney beans. It is the perfect stick-to-the-ribs meal on a chilly evening. The Puttanesca Sauce is a taste of Naples, rustic and with a bite. How else do you describe a sauce with generous flavours of olives and capers? The ample kale adds a nice textural variety not found in most Italian dishes. As for the pasta choice in this dish, our recommendation is bowtie pasta or fusilli. Really, anything that is easy to skewer amongst all those veggies. Buon Appetito!

A Dish to Gnocchi Your Boots Off

Confession: gnocchi is the best pasta. Yes, that’s blasphemy to some as it is potato-based. But nothing compares to those sumptuous little dumplings of deliciousness! Don’t believe us? This Spicy Gnocchi Arrabiata recipe will set you straight. This tour de forks needs but a few ingredients to make its case. Imagine light, fluffy gnocchi with melting, creamy traditional mozzarella bubbling on top. Add in spicy Arrabiata Sauce and hot Italian sausage, and POW! If that doesn’t get your mouth watering, nothing will! Serve this dish with your favourite crusty bread warmed up in the oven. You can thank us later!

Basil and Burrata, Che Bello!

Few ingredients announce their presence in the kitchen as well as fresh basil. That signature fragrance always gets the stomach growling in anticipation. This Spaghettini Burrata dish has basil in spades! The spaghettini is flavoured by Authentica’s Siciliana Sauce. This Sicilian is no gangster. No. Sweet and earthy, with the taste of mouth-watering, sundried tomatoes, this sauce will treat you nice. Creating a match made in heaven, this dish is topped with creamy burrata, a staple of traditional Italian cuisine. Burrata, for the uninitiated, is fresh Italian cow milk cheese made from mozzarella. The burrata is a finisher in this dish. Just tear off soft pillows of this rich, cheesy awesomeness and place atop of your masterpiece dish. Your guests will definitely be going back for seconds!

There it is! Three Italian pasta recipes that would make any Italian swoon. As always, Authentica has you covered. Italian cuisine done right and right when you want it. Happy World Pasta Day!



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