4 Easy To Make Authentic Italian Sauces

There’s nothing better than a giant plate of piping hot homemade pasta and sauce to warm hearts and conveniently fill bellies at any time of year.

We’re giving these top Italian pasta sauces bonus points because they’re easy to make, use just a few simple ingredients and can (literally) spice up a boring dinner routine.

It’s time to channel your inner Italian…


Perhaps the most well known sauce to come out of Italy, Bolognese combines simple ingredients—minced beef, pancetta, sauteed vegetables, and wine—to make a rich and hearty sauce that’s traditionally served with a flat, ribbon-like pasta, not spaghetti. Make it in 30 minutes or infuse some extra flavour by letting it simmer all day. Bolognese dates back to the 18th century and originates from, you guessed it, Bologna.


Flavour seekers rejoice! Especially if you’re into keeping your cooking routine low maintenance. Puttanesca is made from mostly pantry staples—combining tomatoes, anchovies, capers, olives, garlic and chili into an easy to make, flavour-packed dish. The jury’s out on whether Puttanesca, which translates roughly to “lady of the night,” originates with the Romans or further south in Naples. And we’re not sure whether to believe the story that says it was originally made in brothels to attract clients to the door, or whether it’s named for its pungent aromatics, but we’d serve it up on spaghetti any day.


While the English translation of this spicy Italian staple is “angry,” it’ll make you anything but. Traditional arrabiata contains nothing but tomato, chilis and pecorino cheese. While most Italian cuisine is steeped in history, arrabiata’s origins are unknown and the only consistent story we know about it is that it’s delicious and again and takes little to no effort to make.


The Romans definitely got it right when they created what’s now one of the world’s most popular pasta sauces. Made with egg, hard cheese, pepper, and some form of cured pork like pancetta or smoked bacon, “Carbonera” comes from the Italian “carbonaro,” which translates to charcoal burner. The story goes that it was first made as a hearty meal for Italian charcoal workers in the 1940s. Regardless, its creamy richness is the perfect change if you’re looking for a variation on a traditional tomato-based sauce.

You can make these sauces with even less effort by starting with one of our made in Italy, small batch Authentica sauces. We use all natural, GMO free ingredients to bring you all the flavour with no fuss.


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